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Separation Anxiety


Separation anxiety in dogs is the second most common behavioural challenge seen by behaviour vets. It is a deep fear of alone time.

Some dogs will express their panic by barking and howling, others might frantically pace, some dogs are destructive, some might toilet in the house while others may self-harm. Often this panic starts to build before the dog’s human leaves home. It then builds up like a pressure pot until the dog cannot cope.

Separation anxiety is not when your puppykin follows you around the house – that’s just love. Separation anxiety is a phobia and requires empathetic treatment that gently allows the dog to build confidence and its feelings of safety when it is alone.

Any dog can suffer from separation anxiety – puppies, older dogs, rehomed dogs and single home dogs. I also see dogs that seem to show stress when home alone, but that aren’t suffering from separation anxiety. If you aren’t sure, reach out.

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Separation anxiety is best addressed early to prevent escalation, minimise any long-term behavioural impacts and allow the dog to let go of this debilitating phobia. Treatment is an investment that restores welfare, making a life-long difference for your much-loved puppykin.

While separation anxiety is common, how your dog responds and its exact treatment plan is very individual. I use a tried and tested process of systematic desensitisation. This is very different from positive reinforcement training as it does not use food or play rewards. Instead of using operant training, systematic desensitisation draws on psychology. Sounds tricky, but I can guide you though a package that combines daily guardian homework and feedback with live supported weekly reassessments. The live assessments use Google Meet (if I was physically there, your dog wouldn’t be alone!) As an online package, I can work across timezones, anywhere in the world. 

It often takes sustained effort to build your dog’s alone time bravey to the duration you need long-term. I aim to empower you in your dog’s confidence building, allowing you to continue independently towards your goals.

With the right expert support you can make a lasting difference to your dog’s sense of safety and welfare. I am one of almost 200 Certified Separation Anxiety Trainers worldwide, trained by renown international separation anxiety trainer, Malena DeMartini.

Training options to suit you

Home alone safety for puppies

Worried about leaving your new puppykin at home alone when you return to work? Set your puppy up for successful alone time with a 2 week intensive package.

Online with weekly support

Work at your own pace through Malena DeMartini’s online Mission Possible course, with added weekly coaching and support for live re-assessments.

4 weeks of intensive training

A fully supported package of 4 daily personalised training missions and a live assessment every week. Say goodbye to home alone distress!

Tell me some details about you and your puppykin and I’ll give you a call to discuss training options.

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